Jessica “J-Fly” Fischer

Jessica is Funkiphino's co-founder and longest-running horn player.  When studying music and art at the University of Colorado, she had the pleasure of directing the University of Colorado "Golden Buffalo" Marching Band for 4 years. Student government and playing in numerous collegiate ensembles all helped prepare her for the music business.

Her solid philosophy for booking and performing drive the business of the band. Providing the best possible product for fans and clients is her top concern. As the band's creative director, she's created almost every visual element for the group including posters, emailers, photos, print-ads and CD's.  Her energy on stage never goes unnoticed.  Jessica loves performing and feels fortunate to be in a group that is asked to be a part of so many special events. It's apparent that Jessica's decisions from marketing to personal have been spot-on.  Funkiphino is the region's most requested group - playing more than 120 shows per year.